Monday, August 17, 2009

The Beginning

Let me start this blog by stating that I don't really like reading blogs all that much. I find them to be boring, self involved drivel written by people who fancy themselves as having a talent for writing. A gift with words, as it were. Well, here I go jumping into the mix. I'm not saying that I have a gift, no bragging about my brilliant vocabulary, no boasting about my cleverness, my wit. Nope, this is just going to be fun. Right? Writing can be fun, right? Let the agony begin.

I'm typing this from my laptop, which only connects to the internet if I am outside of my house, preferably on the back steps. I have a verizon card and though my internet service worked fairly reliably in my office all winter/spring, because my house is surrounded by 150 year old gigantic oak trees the signal seems to be blocked by the vast amount of branches and leaves and getting the internet to connect inside can be a mind bending experience. I enjoy being outside, don't get me wrong. However, this morning is seriously already about 80 degrees and I am in the sun with a large beach towel over my head and the computer screen. I am in a 98 degree computer fort. Blogging, no less. I think I shall end my first blog before my computer overheats and explodes in my face. I'll be back when the sun goes down, or at least when I recover from this self induced heat stroke.

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