Friday, October 9, 2009


I know that at first glance this looks like a photo of an adorable, fluffy, sweet cat. Look again. This is a rabid she-wolf in cuddly kitty disguise. My beautiful Miss Girl has transformed into a diabetic with a ravenous, insatiable hunger that knows no boundaries. We are happy that she is feeling so much better, but when she smells food it's like living with a heroin addict who is jonesing for a fix. She is craving flavor, any flavor, just...flavor and she's willing to go to great lengths to attain it. It doesn't seem to matter what we are eating. Once she sees us eating, she will frantically claw her way up towards the bowl, or plate, mewing insanely, a look of rapacious desperation in her eyes. It's quite unnerving and no amount of pushing her away, or yelling at her will deter her from her goal. It's positively freakish. There is no hiding from her either. She will stealthily hang out by the butcher block in the kitchen, so she's out of the way of foot traffic, but still has a straight shot and a clear view of the refrigerator. The moment the door to the fridge is opened, she sling shots her way across the floor and begins her climb into the fridge, scaling the shelves like a deranged mountaineer. We actually let her go once, just to see how high she could go and she was on shelf number three in a matter of seconds. Crazy. The cat that was so lethargic and slept all day, has become some kind of super feline spider woman.
Miss Girl has always been a bit on the greedy side, hence her weight problem and consequent health issue with diabetes. I confess that I was a total enabler, doling out tidbits of food, even going so far as to give her a teaspoon of half and half each morning when I had my coffee. I know. Bad, bad bad. However, since the diabetes diagnosis she has been put on a strict diet of Purina dietetic moist cat food and for the first time since I have known Miss Girl she is actually svelte. In fact, she looks great and with the addition of insulin to her system she can now live a long, healthy life. She will go insane from her unquenchable hunger, but she will look fit and healthy while enduring her calorie deprived torture. Well, not really. I've spoken to the vet about this problem and she has assured me that once Miss Girl adjusts to her body's latest needs, her manic hunger issue should subside. I've noticed that the last couple of days have been a little bit easier for her. She seems a little more in control of herself and she is no longer trying to claw her way up my leg if she finds me standing in the kitchen eating a cracker. I'm not about to let down my guard with her yet, but I think she's on the road to food junkie recovery.

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