Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sick Musings

   I'm really, really curious about something. Is there any reason why the folks who make cough syrup can't make it taste any less toxic? And who came up with the brilliant combo of "cherry menthol"?  Why not "earthworm dung peppermint"?  Or "rotting leaves bubble gum"?  The stuff is just disgusting and the flavor actually lingers forever in your mouth. It envelops the tongue with its poisonous goo, which allows small amounts to seep down the throat with each swallow.  Maybe that's the goal to help quell the coughing, but I'm feeling like I'd rather cough than endure this heinous assault of my taste buds.  The taste also induces immediate nausea.  I'd like to talk to these cough medicine developers and give them a piece of my mind. If we're sick, then why kick us when we're down? We need to feel better when we take the medicine, not worse.  I'm of the opinion that the folks behind the Tussin flavor department are sadistic bastards.  I remember taking a green liquid cough medicine as a kid and that was no better than this cherry garbage. In thirty years they can't improve upon that flavor? I'm not buying it.  They don't WANT to make it taste better.  They chuckle amongst themselves in their little white coats, delighted with the prospect of grossing out millions of poor, coughing victims. I bet they did come up with a nicely flavored cough medicine, but then chose not to market it.  Instead they keep those private batches for themselves, or to give out to special friends and family as Christmas gifts.  It's all a conspiracy against the coughing public.  So in addition to body aches, stuffy head, sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose, I now have a vile flavor in my mouth that even a cup of strong Irish tea is having trouble erasing.  Four words...I want my Mommy.

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