Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Man from 41

There is a man, who lives on 41, between Sharon and Lakeville. I catch glimpses of him as we drive by and I am perpetually intrigued by him. I want to know his story. I can't explain why I'm so interested in him. I just am and I have been since I moved to the area seven years ago. I've seen him walking the roads on the hottest days of summer, and the coldest days of winter. Despite the fact that he's got some age on him, he's not letting that slow him down and he has the athletic build to prove it. His hair is snow white and he wears it quite long, accompanied by a thick beard. I think he lives alone. Is he a widow? Or a lifelong bachelor? There are two cars side by side in the open brick garage. One is an older model, avocado green, maybe a Vega. Could it have been his wife's car? The other car is a bland contemporary Ford sedan of some sort. I've never seen him drive either one. He also has an 60's model pick up truck parked in another bay. The two story house is made of brick, largely unadorned, except for a few geraniums, planted in a small garden close to the house each spring. There are a few sparse bushes in the front, a clothesline sits behind it. It's a big house for one person. I wonder if he's lonely, or if I'm just foolish wondering all of these things about him. One day, I hope to find out.

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