Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Musical Musings

Since we've moved to the new farm I have been a busy bee. A happy, busy bee. I've got lots of time to myself to ponder, gaze at the beautiful vistas, ride, clean the barn and sing. Lots of singing. Singing makes me happy. It doesn't really matter what I'm singing, The Beatles, show tunes, Dylan, Nirvana, Joni Mitchell, they all work. I recently watched a youtube video of Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl singing a spoofy Don Henley/Stevie Nicks collaboration of "Leather and Lace". It was by chance that I found this short clip, but it has made me laugh over and over again. I've made Jonathan and various guests to our home watch it (sorry fellow visitors!). Each time, I laugh and sing along. Ridiculous, I know, but I make no bones about the fact that I'm simple. Easy to amuse, as it were. So for days I've been singing these lyrics and cracking myself up. In the meantime, I've become a big fan of Dave Grohl. He was the drummer for Nirvana and once that band broke up when Kurt Cobain passed away he started the Foo Fighters, a band where he sings and plays guitar. This guy is awesome and talented. And he knows how to laugh at himself. He's a hero in my book.

Another bonus to our new house is the shower. It's a stand up deal, tiled, and quite spacious. The acoustics in this shower are amazing! My voice sounds astounding in this white tiled space. At least to my ears and also, to my calico cat, Marbles. Yes, I have a groupie. She sits on the bath mat outside the shower while I'm singing and she meows, trills and writhes about on the mat. Sometimes she even stands up on the door and begs for more. I'm a freakin' rock star to this cat's ears. It's fabulous. Jonathan has told me that my voice doesn't sound nearly as amazing to his ears in the "shower dome" as it does to mine, or Marbles, but that is irrelevant in my book. I'm a shower singing Goddess on 4 Shinto Farm Lane. Let's all sing for the joy of singing. Let it out, bad voices, flat tones, it doesn't matter. If it makes you happy, sing it out! And sorry for all that hear it and flinch. Get in touch with your inner opera, rock, show tunes, ect. Be bold, be brave and most of all, enjoy!!


  1. Lawn mower singing and air guitar on the steering wheel are two of my favorites. Nothing like belting out "Don't Get Fooled Again" and pin wheeling those last guitar licks. I am sure that passing motorists are madly entertained!

  2. I've been known to bust out a mean drum solo on the steering wheel, or the dashboard of the car. I think Karen should secretly tape you singing on the lawn tractor and youtube it for us one day!