Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Office Skillz

I'm one of those people who keeps many pads of paper handy on my desk so I can jot down things I need to do, people I should call, pertinent information that I need to remember-especially if I'm on the phone. I'm not sure why I don't limit myself to one pad, because sometimes I know I have the answer to a certain question written down, but I'll have to go through five pads and multiple swearing sessions before I can find it. Jonathan loves to give me his two cents on my organizational (or lack of) skills. He's constantly telling me my system makes no sense, clutter, crazy, etc., etc. My standard response is to say, "Well then you do it if you're so perfect!" We both know that is never, ever happening. Ever. But I still like to say it. It relieves some of my martyr inspired tension. He loves to give out his uninhibited advice, but the truth is that Jonathan has a forever free pass from all bookkeeping, bill paying, business, or household related phonecalls. It's a fact that he hit the secretary jackpot when he married me. He's been known to critique his two brothers for their slovenly bill paying habits. Granted, they are a mess when it comes to organizing that part of their household responsibilities, but frankly Jonathan would be guilty of the same neglect, but for one reason...he married me. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I'm perfect at this job, but I take responsibility seriously, and who wants debt collectors calling? They are so pushy, constantly calling, we want our money, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I feel bitter that all of these horribly boring chores fall into my lap. It's usually when I'm on hold, listening to some god awful muzak for five minutes at a time, or repeating certain information through tightly clenched teeth, like account numbers, address, phone numbers over and over again to some jackass who says his name is Bill, but you know he's deep in Mumbai and there is no way his parents named him Bill. I do have a few techniques that I use to keep myself calm while handling these unpleasant situations. I like to surf random blogs while I'm dealing with these mind numbing phone calls. I found a few that are quite good. being one of them. He writes some funny stuff, very off beat, pithy and quirky. Just the ticket to keep me from getting my blood pressure to a dangerous level. I particularly enjoy it when I'm on my landline dealing with business nonsense and my friends are texting me on my cell. I've learned that I can type, talk and text, sometimes I'll get all crazy and IM, too. Basically, I thrive on distraction. I can get a lot done, while doing four other things, sort of half ass on the side. Does that make me ADD? Wait a minute, I just stopped writing for five minutes to watch a bird catching bugs on the lawn. Question answered. Time to pay some bills now, while eating a bowl of cereal, talking to Jonathan and emailing clients. I'm like the Larry the Cable Guy of running our house and business. I like to get 'er done, just all at once. And then I spin around in circles and double check that I've actually done what I set out to do. Hang on, I've got to go make a phone call...

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