Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Candle up for Adoption

"Seeking new home for one Frosted Pumpkin, very fragrant Yankee Candle. Barely been lit, sugary, almost maple syrup-esque smell when burning. Husband cannot abide it's burning sweetness."

I bought this candle a few weeks ago, thinking that Frosted Pumpkin sounded like a great harvest-y smell for this time of year. The first night that it was burning Jonathan and I were making dinner. After about 20 minutes he looked at me and said, "What in God's name is that horrible odor?" I told him it was my new candle. "Please," he said. "No more. That is a wretched smell. It's like someone took a match to a bottle of Log Cabin. I can't handle it!" I agreed it was a bit of a strong scent and snuffed it out. But I really wanted to use it. It seemed a waste to just have it sitting on the counter unburned, proudly displaying its glossy, frosting bathed photo. I've been using it surreptitiously in my office during the evenings, but as of last night that jig is up. Jonathan finally begged me not to burn it anymore. Really begged. It's only fair that I accommodate his wishes. So with a heavy heart I'm offering it out there to anyone with an affinity for creme brulee and all things painfully sweet. I'll pay postage and provide a book of matches to whomever would like it.


  1. Hilarious! We love Yankee Candles in our house, but I recommend Spiced Pumpkin (love it) or Autumn Wreath to keep the testosterone in the house happy.

    That said, I think I would get the same reaction in my house as you did...I test out the scents by getting Tart Warmers first and then we have a Scent Summit, and yay or nay the smells.

    Ok. I just realized how crazy that sounds. But after spending 23 hours of the day in the barn, I want my home to smell good!

  2. I can feel Jonathan's pain. I can't count how many times I bring some smellum thing home only to have it wind up in the garbage. I use to put it in back of the cupboard thinking the smell wouldn't be as bad as the next time, wrongggg!!!!