Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Technological Conundrums

Another Christmas has come and gone (is this not the most hollow phrase ever?). It was a quiet Christmas day here at Chez Edel north, and Jonathan and I enjoyed every minute of it. We spent the day with our pets, opening presents, making delicious food and taking care of our stable of horses. Serene Christmas bliss, with the exception of a couple of new gifts that provided endless amounts of frustration and causing us to use words that no one should use on such a hallowed holiday. Item #1 was the Flip video. I was ECSTATIC to receive this gift from Jonathan. It's so cool. I made a quick "Hi and Merry Christmas" video for my parents and anxiously sent it off to my Mom's email address, wringing my hands and hoping that it worked. When I called her she ran to her computer and I could hear my voice and her giggling as she watched it. Yes, success! The next video that I sent could not be viewed for some reason. What was the reason? I don't know. Still don't know. The flipping Flip is flipping me the bird for some reason. It tells my Mom she needs to download Adobe Flash. Why? Dunno. Why was the first video a screaming success and the second proved to only induce screams of annoyance at it's reluctance to be shared? I made some adjustments, tried again, then tried again and tried again. No dice. Anyone have any ideas? I'm afraid that my technological dingbatness has ruined the fancy new toy.
The second amazing gift was a ipod touch from one of our beloved customers. It's so awesome! Our music is all in it, and we have apps! But we can't use the apps, because it won't connect to the internet. Again, sigh. What's the point of having all of this amazing technology tantalizingly close to our fingertips, yet we can't access it? It's the fate of 40 year olds who just aren't up to dealing with these new fangled instruments. Our brains are addled, we get confused and frustrated. We swear, shed tears and pace at our ineptness.
I give up. I'm going to read a book, which thankfully I still remember how to do. That is the one thing that helps me feel less stupid while facing these technological adversities. Words, I get them. Instructions on the computer are written in what "appears" to be straightforward English, but somewhere between my comphrension and application I am still failing to provide satisfactory results. Am I cursed? Have I ruined my two amazing perfect gifts in three days? It's all too much. See Dick. See Jane. See Spot Run. That is apparently my speed.


  1. You'll love your flip camera. I use mine all the time. I slide it into my back pocket when I'm riding in the woods always in hopes of seeing a heron or owl. It'll be great for marketing your horses! Downloading Adobe flash isn't a big deal.

    Merry Christmas Michele and Jonathan and keep the blogs coming! xo

  2. Thanks Ann! This Adobe Flash seems to be a download from the devil. My computer absolutely will not accept it! I've enlisted the help of a local computer guru and I refrained from using expletives (really hard) while telling him about my "issues". Tomorrow I deliver my baby (read:pc) and hopefully the guru will return it all shiny and working perfectly. That's my hope. I am SO looking forward to using the FLIP!!!