Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm doing it again. I'm using my blog to avoid writing anything "serious". The blog is a light, airy, non-judgmental place for me to visit. I get to spout off on a certain topic, or recent occurrence in my life. Some folks read it. They give me positive feedback. I satisfy a certain writing urge. It's a win/win situation, right? Except for my angst over not actually making a solid effort to write anything else. Angst? Oh YES, angst!!
Why do I look at a blank page on my new iworks office program and feel like I'm staring into a snake pit? I actually managed to write a couple of pages the other day, but then pathetically the creativity dwindled, I lost interest, and I found myself on ...Facebook. I'm like a student with bad study habits. Do I need to lock myself in my office? Chain my leg to the desk chair? Have parental controls applied to my computer so I can't go on the internet for several hours a day? Quit Facebook? Get some black market Adderall? Is there an answer? No, I don't think so. I've been told that I need a writing plan. My plan is to write. Something. Anything. Fiction? Non-fiction? The idea of writing a novel is way too intense. How about some nice short stories? Or an essay? I continue to receive encouragement from many sources telling me that I should write. Oh blog, you've become my prostitute. I visit you for quick, impartial satisfaction a few times per month and neglect the other "relationship" that I'm supposed to be having with "real" writing. Don't worry blog, I can't quit you ( one of my favorite lines from Brokeback Mountain, from one gay cowboy to another). I do feel better now that I've stopped by for a quickie. Guess I'll log off and see if I can come up with anything spontaneous and brilliant that will get me published and famous and driving a Porsche and buying a house and... Maybe that's a bit too much pressure to put on myself. Therein lies the problem. I think I'll just make a quick cup of tea before I settle in...


  1. michele, I enjoy reading your wit no matter what subject it embraces, keep up the good effort

  2. aww, thanks Judy!! I appreciate your words of encouragement!