Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day to me!

It's Valentines Day!!! I woke up this morning knowing that it was a perfect day to use my heart shaped waffle maker. Yes, I actually possess a heart shaped waffle maker. It was given to us as a wedding present from a friend (and she's a follower of this blog). Before I continue I must add, "friend" if you're reading this and thinking to yourself, "Oh yes, the waffle maker gift for which I never received a THANK YOU NOTE!", please accept my weak, eleven years too late apology for my complete absence of etiquette. I was a very uncouth bride in that I wrote out about five thank you notes and then gave up. Honestly, after a ten day honeymoon on St. Barth's armed with enough marijuana (again, wedding present-they got a thank you note;) to keep Snoop Dog and his posse high for a week I could scarcely remember who gave us what so I took the low road and pretended that thank you notes weren't really necessary at all. Note: Not proud of that fact and before anyone starts planning an intervention just know that I'm completely drug free these days and have been for many years. Okay, back to V-Day...

Jonathan and I aren't big V-Day fanatics. He usually gets me a card, something silly with a cat on the front that he knows will make me laugh and a bouquet of tulips, which he knows are my favorite flowers. We'll cook an elaborate dinner, light some candles, etc. He's more difficult to buy a gift for and he really doesn't care if he gets anything or not, but I usually come up with something. If only he liked waffles I would've gotten some Valentine's bonus points for serving heart shaped waffles for breakfast. Alas, he thinks they're gross, and neither sweet nor savory versions can tempt him. So in all honesty, I made heart shaped waffles for myself this morning. How sad is that? Actually, they were dang delicious in a completely syrup-y sweet,non-nutritious breakfast kind of way. I now feel like a bloated Valentine with sticky fingers and waffle batter on my sleeve. Why is it that waffles, pancakes and French toast always sound like a great idea, but after you've eaten them the regret over filling your stomach with their doughy sweetness far outweighs the pleasure of their flavor? Guess I'll put the waffle maker away until this time next year for surely by then I'll be ready for another batch.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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