Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why was Mary, Mary so contrary anyway?

While we were plunging headlong into the darkest depths of February frigidity, I truly thought we'd never see green grass, or flowers blooming ever again. Here are some photos to prove that I was wrong. Phew! Top left is a shot of some dahlia's (which I LOVE) and Becks (who I also LOVE). Top right is our front porch, with Marbles (aka Barbara Ann) sitting as the greeter on the steps. She's a photo whore. As I was walking up the front lawn with my camera she pranced out from the side garden and placed herself square in the middle of the shot. It's all good, she makes a nice compliment to the moldy steps. (note to self:paint the front porch steps this year, they look trashy) Bottom left is a pic of the garden in front of the barn that Jonathan completely revamped this year. That's Dan, the horse peering out from his stall. And lastly, the bottom right photo is of one of the lovely hanging baskets that Jonathan planted himself. And that's Dan, the horse, again. Have you noticed all of my photos seem to have an animal in them? They are freaking everywhere.
Jonathan turned into some kind of ninja/Martha Stewart gardener this year. I threw some ideas out there of what I had in mind and the next thing I knew the dirt was flying and he was calling out, "Come see this and tell me if you like it here!" He was all very feng shui about the whole placement of each plant/bush. It was serious business and he got irritated when I didn't give each planting the proper amount of attention. I'm glad he got so into the whole project, because gardening really hurts my back and frankly, I don't have the eye for it. My contribution has been dead heading religiously and watering. I can handle those two jobs. Looking at the melange of colors and variety of petals makes me happy. What the hell, it's June. How can you not be happy in June? I'm going outside to sit amongst my cheery flower pots and sip my coffee. I wish I could bottle the feeling of a cool summer morning so I could dispense it in small doses over the course of a cruel winter. But that's what vodka is for, I guess.


  1. Damn you blogspot! You rearranged my photos so my placement descriptions are off and I look like a fool! Hopefully the two people who will read this will understand. So hard being an artist.

  2. Beautiful blog and photos, Michele. Maybe Jen and I will take a little trip over to see you guys some day soon. After puppies are sorted, of course.

  3. Merci Ann! Bring your grey steeds when you visit and we go on a bucolic Millbrook hackabout! After the puppies are sorted, of course.