Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Times

I seem to be one of those people who resists going out to a bar, but then once I get to the bar I tend to go a little crazy. Last night we were coerced into heading to the local, seedy biker bar in the backwoods of Aiken. Good friends, the Goodwicks were all in attendance and it was at their insistence we head out for some cocktails and pool playing after dinner. It sounded like an innocent plan, but I know this group and when they are combined with my group it can be an over the top experience. It was.
I will say that the pool playing was a good time. I had a few moments of brilliance in the beginning, then my nerves got shattered by hecklers (Jonathan, Roger and David G.) who thought I took too long to set up my shots. Whatever. They were just jealous that I was owning the table. Sadly, I never won a game all night, because I always managed to choke on the last shot. I will not be heading out on the ESPN pool playing championship tour. Too bad.
The good news is that we don't have hangovers (despite drinking Stoli on the rocks-what is wrong with me?), we didn't crash our car (though we came close when I insisted that Jonathan attempt to beat David to his driveway) and I didn't get picked up by a redneck (I did get hit on by a Larry the Cable Guy look alike). Next time I will choose my outfit for such an excursion more carefully. It appears tight jeans and pointy toed high heel boots are "stand out" attire at this establishment. My Goodwick friend, Chris chose to attend in sweat pants and muck boots and she fit right in with the locals. Lesson learned.

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