Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holidaze II

Christmas came and went. When I was a young teenager, I had a book by Sam Savitt called The Brown Mare and a chapter, about midway through the book, started with the sentence, Christmas came and went. I read and re-read The Brown Mare a zillion times and that sentence always made me pause, because I felt like Christmas deserved a little more respect than that. One measly four word sentence, a fragment really, if you want to split hairs, and the holidays whoosh were over. (If you read my prior blog you would understand that I was particularly sensitive in regard to the brevity of the actual day known as "Christmas") Though Christmas was in no way relevant to the story about the brown mare, it still upset me that Mr. Savitt didn't allow Vicki (the main character) to share her holiday with us. As a grown up (now that I'm 40 that is how I refer to myself), I fully undertand and appreciate that particular sentence.
Yesterday, Christmas came and went. It was a lovely day. We ate a delicious breakfast and opened stocking gifts. We sat around the tree and opened the many beautifully wrapped presents, admiring each others bounty and thanking all for our own. For some reason (it was boredom, really), we decided to take a drive to Augusta, GA, so the five of us wedged into the car for the hour long journey. I was chosen as the driver for this adventure (a choice spot as it turned out) and John was my co-pilot. Roger, Jonathan's younger brother, who was slightly inebriated at this point thanks to a few mimosas concocted of cheap-o champagne, sat in the backseat wedged between Jonathan and their mother. Throughout the entire drive he proceeded to mess with the radio, sing, smoke, yell about having to pee, open the windows, close the windows, belch... hmmm...I think that was it. It was an amusing show, but I guess you had to be there and know Roger to appreciate it. The rest of the day was about eating, drinking, visiting friends and that was that. By 9 p.m., I was nestled in bed reading my latest smut filled vampire novel (the writing is appallingly bad, but the sex scenes are HOT and I'm easy that way). At 9:45 I turned out my light. Voila! Christmas came and went.
With a wry Grinchy grin on my face this morning, I am glad that it's over.

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