Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meet Becks!

We did it! We got a puppy! His name is Becks and as you can tell by the photo, he and Remy are getting along quite well. Becks moved in two weeks ago and at first, Remy was a little unsure of the new addition. Within three days, they were cavorting around the house, creating chaos, with yelps and yips, like two Tasmanian devil dogs. The cats are all tolerating the new pup fairly well. Miss Girl is like the school teacher and every day she gives him multiple whacks across the snout, which all little boys need. Marbles likes to sock it to him a little harder, so I keep an eye on her proximity to Becks. She likes to position herself on the stairs so Becks is either trapped up, or down and can't get to us. When I hear him whining to tell me of his predicament, I will appear at the stairwell and there will be Marbles on the stairs, looking all nonchalant and innocent, clearly saying, "I'm not doing anything, just sitting here". For the last two days Marbles has chosen to exile herself to the basement, which frankly makes all of the animals happier. The cat is a brat.
I don't think Remy has ever had a friend that would play with him as much as Becks. The two of them go at it until they can't stand up anymore, then they collapse to recharge their batteries so they can get up and go at it again. What it tells me is that Remy's maturity level is on par with that of a ten week old puppy. The scary part is that at ten weeks, Becks has already conjured up games which showcase a superior intelligence to Remy. It's all good, though. We are thrilled to have a genius dog and a Forest Gump type dog. For instance, if we throw the ball for Becks, he chases it, gets it and brings it back. If we throw the ball for Remy, he chases it, picks it up, drops it on his way back to us and then when he reaches us he acts excited and confused, all at the same time. Oh well. We don't all have to be rocket scientists in life.
The bottom line here is that Remy has a pal and they are insanely cute together. I will miss Izzy, with a pain in my heart, for the rest of my life, but this little boy gives me glimpses of her now and then when I see him galloping across the lawn, his small tri color, bear cub-esque body going with all he's got. We feel privileged to have found Becks and I think he thinks our house is pretty cool, too.

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