Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh my darlin'

I'm no fancy photographer, but I love this shot I took of a fresh box of clementines basking in sunshine on my dining room table. Looking at it makes me feel warm and happy, just behold those goldy-orange mini-orbs of juicy sweetness, effulgent in the natural glowing light. In general, I'm not a big citrus fruit fan, but these little beauties are a delicacy that only come around during the winter holidays. I gobbled up most of this box by myself (with the exception of a few that were sacrificed for a juggling demo at our New Year's Eve party), and I have the cankers to prove it. I will also report (although this is probably the kiss of death) that I've staved off any colds/flu's this year, despite having several hacking house guests over the holiday season. I believe the added infusion of fresh Vitamin C must have something to do with it. Or is it just luck? Whatever the reason, I'll take it. And I'd better just shut up about it, because if I don't I'll surely wake up tomorrow with a sore throat.
I've been trying to avoid writing anything about the weather lately, because frankly it's become boring. Basically the weather report goes like this, "big ass storm, followed by bone cracking cold temperatures, a seasonably reasonable day, then big ass storm..." Get the picture? It's like Mother Nature went on vacation to the Caribbean and put winter's weather pattern on a loop. This morning it was -12 degrees. Twelve degrees BELOW zero. Ridiculous. It won't rise about 15 degrees today, so they say. It's survival time. Get plenty of vitamin C, dress appropriately, stock up on booze, and hunker down. This will all be a distant memory come July...or I'll be getting shock therapy, one of the two.

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