Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it a fact that Hell is hot? I beg to differ.

I took this photo just after Christmas during sunrise. It's the view from our side porch, heading down to the barn. I had it as our screen saver for a while, until Jonathan said he was finding it depressing. Why do you ask? How could such a lovely palette of winter colors make one feel depressed? I happen to know the answer. It's because the winter weather has become all consuming, totally taking over lives, ruining our plans and in general making every detail of daily existence more difficult. Let's start with the snowfall, for example. What you see in the picture here is considered a delicate dusting compared to the additional snow that was added in January. We have "feet" of snow. Multiple feet. And it's snowing right now. Nothing serious, but just a little fuck you snowstorm. As in, are you sick of winter, yet? Yeah, well here's some more snow=fuck you. It's ridiculous. On the other hand, whenever it isn't snowing the temperature plummets way down to the negative digits making a brief hike to the mailbox feel like you're conquering the peak of Everest. Mind numbing, f-ing Little House on the Prairie cold. Lately, everywhere I go all people can talk about is the damn weather, and that my friends has truly gotten boring. I'm thinking of bringing my snow shovel around with me and whenever someone makes an inane comment about the weather I'm going to smack them in the ass with it. Another thing I really love about right now is when my southern friends call and ask "how cold is it up there?" or "how many inches did you get?". When I finally unclench my jaw and tell them the answers, then they try to make me feel better by saying "it's cold down here, too". 40 degrees isn't cold!!! I'd be wearing a t-shirt at this point if the thermometer were to hit 40. But enough about the weather for now. I'm done with my rant. There is small shred of hope that I can salvage out of this frost filled misery, which is that it will be February 1st this coming Tuesday. Goodbye January 2011! You made your point and you will go down in history as one of the worst winter months on record. Happy? Ironically, as I just typed that the sun came out here making the snow sparkle like a zillion tiny diamonds strewn across my yard. I could almost call it pretty. Almost.

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  1. Love it! You should pack up the horses and head to West Palm until spring!